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Algae Control 50

$ 16.95 USD

Used as part of your weekly regimen, Algae Control 50 provides your pool with a strong barrier of protection against algae blooms during the hot summer months. 

3 to 4  oz. per 10K Gallons each week for optimum performance 

32 Oz. Bottle

Non Foaming formula. 


Algae Break 90 - 3 Month Algaecide

$ 27.95 USD

Algae Break 90 is a powerful formula designed to prevent the development of green, black, and yellow or mustard aglae. 90 day treatment in one dose. Non staining formula. 

One 32 oz. bottle treats 20,000 gallons for 3 months. 

Manufacturer: Natural Chemisty


Concentrate Algae Kill II

$ 27.89 USD

#1 Seller!

Extra Powerful formula designed for destroying algae blooms of green, black, and yellow or mustard algaes.  

Use to kill existing algae or as a powerful preventer. 

1 Ounce per 10K each week for a trouble free pool. 

32 Ounce bottle will treat up to a 24' round pool for an entire summer.