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Tired of LOOKING at water stains? 

It's Time for Iron Zapper!

Iron Zapper effectively removes iron, metallic tastes, and rotten egg smells from your home's water supply, leaving you with clean trouble free water!

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 Iron Zapper Systems work when others fail!

 Iron Zapper® systems from Safeway Water® come with our highly effective Iron Zapper media, NSF certified pressure vessel, Safeway Water control valve, programed for air induction to accelerate the oxidation process and the best warranty in the business!

Iron Zapper®systems
effectively treat
the "troublesome trio" 

How Iron Zapper Systems Work

The Safeway Water electronic control valve is programmed for precise cycle times and contact time for increased oxidation. The Iron Zapper filter media acts as a catalyst to promote the oxidation process so Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese become more filterable, thereby easily being removed from your household's water supply and flushed out during the backwash cycle.

The Iron Zapper filter media acts a catalyst to provide greater oxidation because our media has more active ingredient. This process uses:

  • No chlorine (for oxidation)
  • No Potassium Permanganate
  • No chemical pump*
  • No Peroxide

*Provided Chlorine or Hydrogen Peroxide are not required for disinfection or needed to enhance performance at higher concentrations.

 1" or 3/4" Fittings Included

Comes in 8" Diameter tank for smaller homes and 10" Diameter tank for larger homes. Contact us for details and sizing.

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 Call us at 865-940-1399 for sizing options 


Not Sure which system size is right for you? Bring a water sample in for a professional analysis - Get it right the First Time.

We're here to make it easy for you!


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