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Shock and Oxidizers 

Shockwave 68% MultiShock

$ 3.97 USD

Shockwave MultiShock is a fast-acting powerful chlorine based 68% Calcium Hypochlorite formula designed to:

*Sanitize Pool Water

*Control Alage

*Kill Bacteria

*Destroy Organic Contaminants

1 Lb Bag contains 65% Available Chlorine

Compare to Blast Out, Sock It, Burn Out


Super Shockwave 73% - 1 lb bag Multishock

$ 4.89 USD

Super Shockwave 73% delivers a high impact "punch" to your pool to sanitize, kill and prevent bacteria, and act as a clarifier to your pool.

73% Calcium Hypochlorite

70% Available Chlorine  

For Use with chlorine and salt based pools

For use on all pool surfaces and finishes

1lb Bag treats 10,000 Gallons



Pool Season Non Chlorine Shock - 1lb Bag

$ 5.95 USD

Pool Season Non Chlorine Shock is perfect for non chlorine pools and hot tubs to provide a strong oxidation of organics and aids in clarification of pool and spa water.

1 lb Bag treats 10,000 Gallons


Shockwave 68% Shock - 12 Pack Case

$ 42 USD

Our Shockwave 68% Multishock in a convenient 12 Pack case. 

12 - 1lb Bags


Super Shockwave 73% - 12 Pack Case

$ 49 USD

Super Shockwave 73% in a convenient 12 Pack Case

12 - 1 lb Bgas


25lb Bucket Shockwave 68% Shock

$ 79 USD

Our popular shock in a easy to handle 25lb bucket.

Scoop included - Each full Scoop is quilvalent to 2lbs



Super Shockwave 73% 25lb Bucket

$ 95.00 USD

25lb Bucket with easy to lift handle and scoop. 

Each Scoop is equivalent to 2lbs


Pool Season Non Chlorine Shock - 25lb Bucket

$ 115 USD

25lb Bucket Non Chlorine Oxidizing Pool or hot tub shock

For use with any pool surface or finish