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Effectively Removes: Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfur Smell, Iron, & Mangenese 

A Revolutionary Water Treatment System 

Call Today or Stop In to Find the Right Size Sulfur Shield for your home! 


No sulfur odors

Enjoy your water more without "rotten egg" odors from Hydrogen Sulfide.

Proven technology

We’ve used this same technology for years with our Iron Zapper systems. Now, with the five step Sulfur Shield filtration progress and additional media, performance is dramatically improved!

Low maintenance

Sulfur Shield systems require little maintenance. Simply, set it and forget it!


Save money without oxidizing chemicals and by eliminating the need for an expensive chemical feed pump!

Chemical Treatment

Although Sulfur Shield systems typically work without the use of chemicals for oxidation, chlorine or Hydrogen Peroxide may be required for disinfection if your water contains bacteria or iron bacteria. If this is a concern, site evaluation and testing are recommended.

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