The Water Store - Testimonials

Here's what some of our customers have to say...

-Fred and I are very happy with our new Water Treatment system. No spots, no buildup, and Great Tasting Water! Clear Ice Cubes - It's the first time in eight years that I'm able to do my canning without hard water rings on my jars or pans. We use less soap and our faucets look great! No soap scum buildup and a clean coffee pot. Thank you so much!!!  -The Piatts

-My family has really enjoyed our water system. The first thing we noticed was the softness of our scalp and skin. We also love the bar soap and shampoo!!! I have found no better cleaner than the Resource citrus cleaner - it is better than anything else on the market that I've tried. Our water is cleaner looking and tastes better as well - like water's supposed to taste!! We haven't regretted one day of purchasing our water system - it truly is a great system!   - Mr. and Mrs. Compton

-It's been a few months since we've had our water system installed and we really see a difference in our water quality! We are very pleased and I especially like the way the dishes and glasses come out of the dishwasher! Thanks so much, the Babinski's

-Small town, Dandridge offered us an excellent resource for water treatment in our home. We moved across country and didn't expect to find a water treatment company right here in Dandridge. Jeff was very knowledgeable and friendly. He knows the business and was able to set us up immediately with our new water treatment system. Jeff and his plumber arrived first thing this morning and within a short period of time had our system installed and ready to use. We appreciate the quality of service from the Water Store in Dandridge, TN. Jeff's words to us were: Call me anytime if you have any questions. Excellent.

Jan & Ed


-Owning a rental cabin in the Smokies, pure water is a luxury! Thanks to Jeff at The Water Store we have the purest water on the Mountain. He fixed our water problems in a timely manner, which in the rental business is a must. We love The Water Store!

 Thanks so much, The Morrison's

My husband and I had a problem with iron and manganese in our water. I called a couple of water treatment businesses and was not pleased until I called Water Store and talked to Jeff. Jeff took the time to ask questions and explain what system was needed to remedy the problem. He was very knowledgable. He actually came to our home and further assessed the situation. He was effecient and professional in every aspect of getting the system in place, and there were no hidden charges. The system works great and we are very pleased. Jeff made a follow up call and offered his help in any way if we ever needed him. We highly reccommend Jeff and Water Store. Guy & Peggy Booth








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 Thanks so much for fixing our water problem at the rental cabin. We came in for a week during spring break and the water was awesome! First time in five years no sulfur smell. Thank you for everything.  That's exactly what we wanted.    The Belyea's

 Jeff, I wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new water system. Our water was so disgusting & smelly prior to the installation of the system. It is now crystal clear and the sulfur smell is gone. We can’t believe the difference.We really appreciate all of your expertise, recommendation and professionalism. You are truly dedicated to providing an excellent service and we thank you for that.We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone who is in need of a water system. Thanks again,

 Sylvie Prudhomme for A+ Cabins, Inc.


 -Honesty, integrity and great service. Three words we wish we could write for every company we deal with, but rarely can. But this review is doing just that. Jeff and the folks at THE WATER STORE provide great service. Actually, I should say continually provide great service well beyond the sale and installation. That takes care of great service. Now for honesty and integrity; which go hand in hand. I am a part time resident—which usually leads to getting less than the best price or service because you have a very small window for acquiring the service. Jeff and company treat us like we were his biggest and best customer and his integrity and honesty are evident. I am a Procurement Contracting Officer (I buy things for a living). When we needed a green sand filter immediately I just knew I would get the shaft. When I checked his pricing after the fact, I was pleased to see that he gave me the best price I could find. Just recently I needed chemicals and the price I was quoted from THE WATER STORE was cheaper than I could buy on the open market without buying more than I could use in a lifetime. I rarely write reviews, but in the case I thought everyone should know about THE WATER STORE.

           Ed McGinnis