Water Store - UV Systems & Bacteria Treatment

  UV Whole House Bacteria Free Water ! 

There is no better alternative for providing safe, bacteria free water for your home than with Ultraviolet Disinfection. Worry Free water throughout the whole house. Just change the bulb once a year and enjoy.

Safe Water Throughout the Whole House!

*Kills Bacteria Instantly

*Treats entire home

*Easy In/Out Plumbing 

*12 Volt power cord plugs into any outlet

*Audible and visual alarm to let you know when bulb needs replacing.

*Provide safe drinking water without altering the taste.

*Systems available for all well water with 8, 12, and 20 gpm flow rates. 

*Great addition to any home water system or as stand alone unit


Coliform Bacteria (Top) and Ecoli Bacteria (right) are the most common harmful bacteria found in well water supplies and are typically an indication of contamination from sewage or animal waste. These bacteria can lead to many health problems: including diarrhea, cramping, vomiting, urinary tract infections, and possible kidney failure. 

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