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Because Clean Water Shouldn't cost a fortune... 

The Water Store TM 
Whole House Treatment Systems

 Whole House Complete Water Treatment


Fully Computerized Metered System comes in a variety of sizes to fit any residential use as well as many commercial applications. Can be programmed for exact hardness, water usage, regeneration settings, and calculate flow rates. 

Complete Water Treatment for removal of:

*Lime *Calcium *Sediment *Debris *Chlorine, *Benzine *Radon *Trihalomethane compounds *Certain Pesticides and Herbicides                *Bad Tastes and odors

No more damage to your dishwashers, coffee makers, washing machines, water heaters, glasses and dishes. 

*Great tasting water give you that bottled water quality throughout your entire home.

5 Year Warranty!

The Water Store Water Softeners

 Starting at Only $749! 

Available in .75 cu.ft. / 1 cu. ft. / 2 cu. ft. Versions

 Affordable - Effective

 Remove Lime, Calcium, and other scale causing materials from our home's water source . 

*Dependable, NSF certified Time Clock Valve with durable piston, seal and spacer. 

*Manual index to cycle piston for easier and faster installation and service.

*User Friendly 1 to 12 day settings.

*No confusing codes or diagrams to remember.

*Fully adjustable cycle times

*Bypass included  for easy shutoff while you're away, saving salt usage and water.

.                  5 Year Warranty!


Not Sure which system is right for you? Bring a water sample in for a free analysis.

We're here to make it easy on you!


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